Friday, January 25, 2008

J.J. Abrams and his mystery box

Here's a really good lecture by JJ Abrams that he gave at TED last march. He makes some really good points about story and the whole talk is centered around his "Mystery Box".

Lost, Alias, Forever Young, Armageddon these are all creations of J.J. Abrams. I just saw his new movie Cloverfield with my friend Adam last night. Awesome! I loved the realistic camera work, lighting, and the approach Abrams took with the VFX was perfect. I really felt for the characters as well and the "reality" shooting style of the film really worked. From an animation standpoint the creatures looked great. I loved the little ones the most because they a broader range of movement and interaction with live-action characters. Don't get me wrong though, the big creature was sweeet and so was the animation. The good thing is the show left me wanting more and all Adam and I could talk about was the possibility that the creature was alien. There's also a recording at the end of the credits and you can hear the translation here: Cloverfield whisper

I'm also really pumped to see what Abrams does with the new Star Trek film. The trailer looks awesome and I really like the fact that we get to see the building of the first Enterprise.

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