Monday, June 20, 2016

Update: New 'Rock Dog' Trailer and Posters

Some interesting character movie posters for Rock Dog have been released. Looks like the film will be opening in Chinese theaters on July 8th. 

Here's the new Chinese trailer for the film. I have a couple of shots toward the end with Bodi and Linnux.


Chris Sobieniak said...

I see the trailer was taken down, shame really.

According to IMDB (whoever wrote it anyway), the film is slated to have a US release next February. At least it's coming out at all if possible, heard a lot of problems with the film's release 'back home'

Chris Sobieniak said...

These posters seem to fall into the "Engrish" category with their use of English words or phrases that just come off awkward against the cartoony visuals used. Of course those of us in the anime/jpop/kdrama/Asian fandom know this very well.