Friday, August 02, 2013

SculptGL: zBrush Style Sculpting On The Web!

Just discovered this app today via fellow FS animator Max Adams. Check it out!

//SculptGL by Stéphane GINIER

'SculptGL is tiny sculpting application, powered by WebGL. Source code on github here.
It features dynamic subdivision, decimation, uniformisation and adaptive sculpting.

Uniformisation is simply a call to subdivision followed by a decimation.
Adaptive sculpting lies on the uniformisation and enables changes in the topological genus (holes and merges).
Inflate and deflate are the best tools to trigger topological changes :D.
Adaptive sculpting is a little buggy... (for example you shouldn't use it with a mesh that already contains self-intersection).
Well, I don't think you can create anything that doesn't look weird... but who knows?

Right now, best performance are reached on Chrome.
On Firefox 22, the number of vertices is limited to 65536, on version 24 the limitation will be gone.'

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