Saturday, October 20, 2012

Self Publishing – DIAY (Doing It “All” Yourself)

This talk at CTN has some great info about self publishing!  More info about the panelists here CTN: Self Publishing - DIAY

'Description: Today the roles of author and publisher have combined and are very much apart of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement that include online animation media channels, blogs and self-publishing outlets. Hear about the journey and the world of the creator/self publisher who has chosen this DIY route and who proudly wears the multiple hats of Author, Illustrator, Layout/Design, Printing, Publishing, Marketing/Advertising , Sales and “Creator”.  Listen and gain first hand the knowledge, the rewards, the nuts and bolts, ups and downs reasons why these great talents choose to DIY and publish without a third party company.'

Kevin Dart and Chris Turnham
Sean Galloway
David Colman
Stephen Silver

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