Saturday, May 26, 2012

Animation Supermodel Mannequin?

*Update from a previous post from last July

Interesting article over on c|net about a hands-on input device that could be useful for illustrators and animators. It's scheduled to hit the market in a few months (only $850).

Thought this quote was a bit to presumptuous though  'the foot-tall Qumarion mannequin could radically simplify the process of creating realistic movement in 3D computer-generated models.'

// Meet Qumarion, an animation supermodel via c|net

//Qumarion mannequin input device for intuitive 3D manipulation via diginfo

Last years post about this new tech:

// Pose Your 3D Characters With Your Hands

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Jeff Lafferty said...

Its funny, their basically reinventing stopmotion puppet animation. Just make a puppet and point a camera at it, you've accomplished the same thing, but better.