Wednesday, March 21, 2012

[Outsourcing] 2D and 3D artists available, starting at USD $5/hr

I saw this today on the LinkedIn group 'Animation and Film Jobs'.  It was posted by Shaun Neal who is a Managing Partner at 'New World Solutions' in New York, NY. I thought the ad was pretty funny but a bit scary at the same time.

We have 2D and 3D artists available, starting at USD $5/hr.

New World Solutions offers Photoshop and Maya services on an hourly basis - you get a dedicated team member in Manila, Philippines. All employees are English speaking and work on your time schedule. We can connect with VPN using Cisco ASA devices. We have dedicated high speed bandwidth to transfer large files. Render farm is available. Email with interest to or call 646-509-3156.

New World Solutions website

Space Age  Sample animation clip

*selected comments from LinkedIn

2D and 3D artist from $5 / hr? Are you kidding me?

Shaun Neal • Sorry - what part do you think I am kidding about? 
Shaun Neal • Below is a link to some recent animation playblasts from Maya for a cartoon series.

 $5 an hour for a skill that i'm sure some people have spent years at to get to the standard they are at now. Better pay working for McDonalds. Would you expect an electrician to work for that.

Shaun Neal • We employ post graduate professionals with 2 to 3 years of prior animation or graphic arts experience. Our salaries are very competitive - if they were not, we would not be able to retain any employees. Our office is located in downtown Makati and is SAS 70 and ISO 27002 certified yearly. We have many IT outsourcing clients, including major NY banks.

That explains why so many LA FX houses have closed and most of those left have opened offices overseas instead. I wonder what the Wal-Mart and KFC pay over there? 

You can have it done right, cheap or fast. Pick two.
Advertising cheap and fast means the final work won't be right.
Advertising cheap and right means the final work won't be fast.

It always works that way and that's a good way to ruin a client relationship.

If a client only wants cheap and fast, fire them. They don't care about the quality of the work you put your name on. If you don't care about putting out quality work, shame on you.

This ad dilutes our profession. How much of that $5 per hour actually gets to your employees-- you know, the people actually doing the work-- after you take your markup as the shop owner? 

Shaun, can they make me a pair of Adidas during their lunch hour? 

Animation Sample from 'Space Age'

More footage here:  SpaceAge Scene1 9 1



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay $5 an hour for that shit animation!

Anonymous said...

Yeah seriously, that is not worth $5 hour and anyone that would want to pay that can clearly see the crap that they would get in return.