Sunday, February 05, 2012

Michael Jackson video reference for The California Raisins TV Commercial (1989)

I found this great reference vid of Michael Jackson the other day when I was searching for information on the 'The California Raisins'. As it turns out, the footage was posted by animation supervisor and stop-motion whiz Webster Colcord who I've had the privilege to work with on past shows. I emailed him about the video and he said that it was performance reference for two shots he animated on the project. To the right are a few pics from the production that Webster sent over. The 'Raisins' were produced at Will Vinton Studios. You can read more about the history of the studio here: History of Will Vinton Studio. 

And be sure to check out Webster's blog:
// Webster Colcord - Animation And Stuff


Paper Petite (Ashleigh) said...

What a mighty find!!! That has just made my Sunday. I always for some reason linked Michael Jackson to a california raisens advert but didn't remember it and that video of him, I've never ever seen that before. That was amazing. Really great animation work. Thanks for posting that, it was brilliant!

Bryon Caldwell said...

Cheers! I thought the MJ reference was great as well heh heh Glad Webster kept the footage!

Hueboxx said...

Amazing stuff! It's awesome to see how much Michael was involved with this.