Thursday, September 29, 2011

"MORAV: Missions" Live Action Series 'Pilot'

'MORAV' is a live action series currently in production in the San Francisco Bay Area. The creator and director of MORAV is Fon Davis (ILM and FONCO). A talented team of vfx artists and model makers have been donating their time to bring this project to fruition. I had the pleasure of working a couple of weekends with them last year and I must say MORAV is looking amazing!

Check out the MORAV Kickstarter page if you're interested in helping out with the project. You can also find them on Facebook.

// Kickstarter: 'MORAV: Missions'

// Facebook: MORAV 

'MORAV: MISSIONS' Kickstarter teaser clip with Grant Imahara and Wendell Wilson

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