Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Vote for Best Animated Film and Best Animated Short Film at AWN

2008 AWN Oscar Showcase

I just cast my vote for 'Rats' for best feature and Alexander Petrov's 'My Love' for best animated short. I was fortunate enough to see 'My Love' last year at a friends studio when AWN was showing private viewings of the Oscar nominees and upcoming foreign animated shorts. I was absolutely blown away (you can see it below)! Petrov creates his master pieces not with a computer but with oil on glass. Roughly each frame is a new painting. Petrov won an Oscar for his film 'The Old Man and the Sea' in 1999 that utilized the same painterly technique.

My Love

part 1

part 2

part 3

The Old Man and the Sea

part 1

part 2

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Joshua Hayes said...

I saw "The Old Man and The Sea" a few years ago on a rainy day in Nashville on the IMAX screen, it really stuck with me and rainy days actually remind me of that film.

The animated shorts are playing this weekend across the country in Nashville we are playing them at te Belcourt and looks like in San Fran they are playing at the Embarcadero Center Cinema.

Here's the full list: