Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Interviews with ILM Animation Supervisor Steve "Spaz" Williams: Wizard of Awe

Here's a fantastic short documentary by Lauren Millar featuring animator and VFX supervisor Steve 'Spaz' Williams. There's also some great footage from the old ILM studio location in San Rafael, CA. Funny enough I was actually in 'The Pit' room a year or so ago when I visited Creature Art & Mechanics Digital. All that's left in the room is a polaroid picture of Steve's studio space complete with Canadian flag. 

// Steve Williams' Reel

// The real origin of the jurassic dinosaurs

// T. Rex

The Mask- Carrey Vs CGI 

Mike Savage Interviews Steve Williams on the radio show The Savage Nation

Also check out this great interview with Steve over at AREA Autodesk

// CG Evolution/Film Revolution: A Q+A with Steve "Spaz" Williams

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Christoffel said...

just watched the first interview you posted. Thanks for posting. Do you know what happened to him? Did he quit making movies?