Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Work For Free Or Not Work For Free - A Dilemma For Newbies

I generally tell students and aspiring artists wanting to break into the industry "never work for free!" However, there could be times an opportunity presents itself where the unique experience and circumstances of a job are worth the free labor investment. That's the dilemma. Cinematographer Brad Rushing offers some perspective on this topic from a live action point of view.


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Avatar to Riot Games - Interveiw With Animator Daniel Zettl

 Check out this great interview with animator extraordinaire Daniel Zettl. We worked together on the same team at Riot Games. Daniel is a super talented animator and shares a lot of solid advice in this interview. Enjoy!

Avatar, Smaug and League of legends - Interview with Daniel Zettl

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The History of Visual Effects by Matt Leonard


 Here is a fantastic reference of the history of VFX by Matt Leonard.

"In 1999 I was asked to write a brief overview of the history of the Visual Effects industry for a Hollywood publication CinemaGap.  This lead to a fascination with the history of Computer Graphics, Special and Visual Effects along with some aspects of Film and Animation. 
Below are links to my presentation,  20 years of research and hard work, and what I believe to be one of the most complete histories of the industry in one place on the internet.
And I'm making it available free for you to enjoy."

 Check it out here // The History of CG and VFX