Thursday, July 04, 2013

What Your Walk Says About You

Found this today over on Aol. I think it's the first time I've been on their site since 1997 but hey I found some fun material! Also check out this great reference channel on YouTube called Endless Reference.

// What Your Walk Says About You

// Endless Reference Channel: Walk Reference 

Type of Trot: Speedy Gonzales
What Your Walk Says: If you're a fast walker, you may also be a fast worker which is prized in some setting but also may be problematic if you're so fast that you forget to pay attention to certain details or if you overlook something important.
Work for Your Walk: A career in data entry is super for your speed.
Quick Fix: Take time to smell the roses – or at least speak to your co-worker or interviewer-when walking. Avoid any pace that could elicit comments like "Where's the fire, buddy!"

Type of Trot: Strutting Your Stuff
What Your Walk Says: If you're someone who struts, you're certainly projecting confidence and capability, but you could also be sending out signals to others that you've got a big ego, which could be a turnoff.
Work for Your Walk: Climbing the ladder to be an executive will allow you to strut your stuff without fear of consequences.
Quick Fix: Feel free to strut your stuff in the workplace but make sure that your strut is followed up with a humble smile and pleasant conversation to ward off any concerns of egocentrism.

Type of Trot: Clack-Clack-Clacker
What Your Walk Says: You certainly aren't afraid to be noticed if you're such a heavy walker that your heels announce that you're coming way before you actually arrive, but if you work in an environment where quiet and calm is key to productivity, you could be sticking out like a sore thumb.
Work for Your Walk: Getting noticed is half of the battle as a pharmaceutical sales representative so give that career a shot if you're a clacker.
Quick Fix: Shoe repair stores can replace your soles and heels with rubber ones for a small fee that could lead to a large promotion once the disruption ceases.

Type of Trot: Always Behind the Group
What Your Walk Says: Lagging behind in a group sends the signal that you can't keep up or are not interested in the others, which is a problem in workplaces where team players are most valued.
Work for Your Walk: A career path like being a driver, where you can work solo instead of depending upon the group, is best.
Quick Fix: Opt for more comfortable shoes so that you can easily stay ahead of the pack instead of trailing behind.

Type of Trot: Silent Sneaker
What Your Walk Says: If no one knows you're coming until you've arrived, you and your hard work may go unnoticed.
Work for Your Walk: A career as a programming analyst or a similar field where you don't have to rely on in-person meetings to make a statement is best.
Quick Fix: Make sure that the appreciation for your abilities isn't as muted as your walk by setting appointments with your bosses for reviews and by specifically pointing out your qualifications in interviews.

Type of Trot: Slumped Over Shoulders
What Your Walk Says: Walking into a room with your shoulders hunched over evokes a lack of confidence in oneself and one's abilities. Potential employers or current bosses might question their confidence in you if your walk suggests that you aren't confident in yourself.
Work for Your Walk: Hunching over the computer in an information technology job or in other technology-related jobs naturally fits your style of walk.
Quick Fix: Look in the mirror and try positioning your shoulders so that your shoulder blades are trying to touch. Your chest will open up and create a more confident walk.

Type of Trot: Eyes Straight Ahead
What Your Walk Says: If you're known for walking with your eyes straight ahead, you're probably known as a confident and focused worker with your eyes on the future.
Work for Your Walk: Any career like sales, where your eye contact can help seal a deal.
Quick Fix: You've got your eyes open so just make sure that the quality of your work matches your confidence.

Type of Trot: Slow Walker
What Your Walk Says: Some may be annoyed by a slow walker, assuming that they are ineffective, but certain types of jobs may appreciate it as a sign that you are thoughtful and detail oriented.
Work for Your Walk: A career where being careful counts, like in healthcare.
Quick Fix: If you're a slow walker, don't feel the need to speed up for the sake of appearances. Instead, provide your boss or potential employer with a list of projects that you've completed in the recent past to prove your effectiveness.

Type of Trot: The Zig-Zagger
What Your Walk Says: If you find it hard to walk in a straight line, fellow and future workmates may see you as someone who is all over the map and not especially efficient.
Work for Your Walk: Careers like those in the retail industry where multi-tasking is a part of the job description will welcome your walk.
Quick Fix: If you love to weave as you walk, try making your movements make sense by zigging to speak to someone or zagging to pick up copies, instead of just aimlessly bobbing around.

Type of Trot: Eyes Down
What Your Walk Says: People who walk with their eyes focused on the floor are not only deemed unconfident but also appear to only be focused on the here and now and not interested in what's in front of them or upcoming events.
Work for Your Walk: A job in manufacturing, where your attention needs to be on what's right under your nose, is a great fit.
Quick Fix: Practice having better eye contact with others or at least focusing on something other than your shoes – your paycheck will probably thank you!

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