Friday, May 11, 2012

Making of 'The Shins : The Rifle's Spiral'

This music video is gorgeous! Great visual storytelling! Love it!

Direction: Jamie Caliri
Production Designer / Co-Director: Alexander Juhasz
Editor: Steve Beebe
Lead Animator: Anthony Scott
Animators: Matt Manning, Mike Johnson, Rachel Larsen, Kent Burton, Rich Zimmerman
Post Production Supervisor: Damien Christian D’Amico
Puppet Fabrication: Pablo Grande Weiss, Yoriko Murakami, Robyn Yannoukos
Scenic Artist: Vera Long
Prop Artist: Kristen Droney
Set Designer: Neva Williams
Production Manager: Elyse Kelly, Susan Bell
Stage Manager: Matthew Manning


Jeff Lafferty said...

Excellent find! Thanks for posting it.

Bryon Caldwell said...

No prob Jeff -- projects like these are so inspiring! I could watch a whole film made in this style. Also, I checked out your blog! CURSE OF THE WOLFS HEART is looking great!