Thursday, April 05, 2012

Digital Domain CEO John Textor "Free Labor Is Much Better Than Cheap Labor"

Here's some video footage of Digital Domain CEO John Textor explaining how DD will use 'free' student labor to offset the studio's opporating costs by 30%.

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Anonymous said...

I must say Animation jobs are leaving the US faster than it takes you to blink. Especially VFX jobs. So while DD will be giving students the opportunity to get on the job training…almost like a Co-OP, they are also trying to keep lots more jobs in the US at a time when there are more and more students entering the job market and many more jobs leaving the US. I don’t think this is free labor they are just staying competitive. When you hear “We are doing so and so to stay competitive” from the current VFX houses like Sony and R&H it means they are opening new studios in other countries…like Canada and Asia to stay competitive. So I give them some credit up-front until I see the rest of this play out. I think people are taking this way out of context.

Anonymous said...

like they said this is not just free labor you actually pay for that, this is worst than slavery, and for what to help a studio with money problems, I cant believe the government let them do this. what a shame DD using peoples dream like this.