Saturday, December 03, 2011

WIRED on 'The Uncanny Valley'

On my recent flight from Houston to London I read this months issue of WIRED magazine. It featured a long article about our nemesis 'the uncanny valley'. If you get a chance grab the December issue and check it out. Below I've listed a few of the articles from this months issue recently posted on the WIRED website:

How Robotics Master Masahiro Mori Dreamed Up the ‘Uncanny Valley’ via WIRED

Mary H. K. Choi on the Trouble With Perfection via WIRED




Artist's Giant Warped Figures Just the Wrong Side of Lifelike via WIRED

more on the 'the uncanny valley'

// How Uncharted 3 Designers Make Faces Look Alive via WIRED

// Sculpting the Perfect Wax Doppelgänger via Wired

// Digital Actors Go Beyond the Uncanny Valley via IEEE




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